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Nonwoven spunbond fabrics are widely used in hygiene applications including:
o Topsheet
o Legcuff
o Acquisition and Distribution Layer (ADL)
o Backsheet
o Corewrap
o Side tape
o Front or back ear

Topsheet / coverstock is used for baby diapers, sanitary napkins and adult incontinence. Baftineh spunbond topsheet is produced with high degree of uniformity, soft and excellent mechanical and physical properties. The durable hydrophilic finish provides the multi insult property for the diaper.

The multilayer spunbond/meltblown composite fabric brings high barrier features to the baby diapers which protects the user skin from being wet and improves the performance of the product.

The ADL layer is utilized in baby diapers and sanitary napkins to increase the product performance and effective use. With high quality permanent hydrophilic properties this product has the ability to increase the liquid absorption rate and distribute the liquid along the diaper. With the trend of reducing the diaper core and hence the size and weight of diaper the importance of the functional role of this layer is more apparent.

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