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1) Multilayer Nonwoven spunbond fabrics
This fabric is manufactured from continuous filaments and thermally bonded. The main feature of this product is high tensile strength and proper web uniformity. The maximum width is 445 cm, however, various web width can be produced based on the customer requirements

2) Multilayer nonwoven meltblow fabrics
The meltblown fabric is produced by extrusion system using an advanced technology which is capable of producing fibers in a nanoscale dimension. The layer is containing short filaments in different length and fineness’s typically in the range of 1-5 µ. The main property of this layer is the very small pore sizes and hence being relatively impervious while it is breathable.

3) Composite Spunbond/Meltblown fabric
This composite fabric is a combination of spunbond and meltblown layer where the meltblown barrier web is sandwiched between the spunbond one and thereby producing a fabric which is breathable and at the same time water impermeable.

4) Multifilament meltspun yarn including high tenacity CF (Continuous Filaments) and BCF.

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