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Spunbond nonwovens play a significant role in the entire filtration industry. The very fine continuous filaments provide a multilayer media which can be engineered for various filtration requirements based on the end use applications.

These nonwoven fabrics are widely used for filtration of air, gas, liquid and various micro-organisms, such as bacteria, etc.

 Agriculture & horticulture

o   Crop cover

o   Landscape fabric

o   Green house shading

o   Mulch matting

o   Insect protection

o   Capillary matting

o   Root bag

o   Other Applications

 Automotive Industry

Spunbond fabrics are used in automotive industry for applications such as interior door panel, primary backing for carpets, headliner, seats, etc.

 Geotextiles & Civil engineering

This is the largest market sector for spunbond fabrics. The high strength in both MD and CD direction and high physical & chemical stability are the main properties responsible for the high demand in this field. Roofing is also another very important area where spunbond fabrics are widely used.


Spunbond fabrics have found applications in different packaging, covers & bags such as suit covers, CD liners, carry bags, etc.

 Bedding & Furniture

Multi-layer spunbond technology provides unique product for bedding and furniture applications .High air permeability & release properties together with soft handle and excellent acoustic features are well monitored in Baftineh's advanced laboratory to meet the new trends of market.


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